Does eStockPicks offer Free stock picks?2019-06-30T08:42:26-05:00

While we have stopped offering Free stock picks alerts to better support our paying members, we still post all our stock picks within 15 minutes on Twitter and StockTwits. You can follow us on social media to see our daily stock picks.

What is the difference between Advanced and Premium subscription?2019-06-27T17:17:14-05:00

With Advanced subscription you receive stock picks alerts by email only. With Premium subscription you receive stock picks alerts by email and Text message.

With both the subscription you get access to online dashboard to view historical stock pick alerts.

What is Trial subscription?2019-06-26T18:08:04-05:00

If you would to get a feel for our real-time stock pick alerts, Trial subscription is for you. It provides one week membership to our real-time Text and Email alerts. This is a non-recurring subscription; you are charged only once and you don’t have to cancel anything. We recommend you sign-up for monthly/quarterly plan after a week or resubscribe for another week of Trial subscription.


How do I resubscribe?2019-06-26T18:17:06-05:00

First of all we are glad you are resubscribing. We want you back. Follow these simple steps to resubscribe to stock picks:

  1. Login to your account. Use the forgot password link in My Account if you need to reset your password.
  2. Click on the Resubscribe button on the top.
  3. Select the subscription and checkout.
Can I get text alerts sent to my international phone number?2021-02-19T08:16:07-06:00

Yes, we support international phone numbers from over 198 countries. Please enter country code prefix and phone number to receive text alerts on your international phone number.

Please enter all phone numbers with no leading “0”s, no international trunk code, just a “+” followed by the country code, followed by the rest of the number. Reference to Wikipedia page with list of countries and their calling code.

For example, here’s a UK-based number in standard local formatting: 020 4192 2780

Here’s the same phone number that should be entered during sign-up: +442041922780

Country code= +44

Area code= 20

Phone number= 4192 2780

What is my username for login?2016-03-11T16:44:23-06:00

Your username is created from the email address you used during registration e.g.

  • johndoe@gmail.com then your username is johndoe
  • marry.jane2@yahoo.com then your username is marry.jane2

The welcome email you received after registration also contains your username. You can login with your username or email address.

Can I swing trade the stock alerts or do I have to exit at market close?2016-11-18T12:59:04-06:00

Our algorithm selects stocks that have highest potential of moving in the trade direction. These stock alerts come with specific entry, exit and stop levels. But, depending on how the stock is performing on the intra-day (1, 5, 15 and 30 minutes) and daily charts, you can decide to hold it overnight or swing trade it for a couple of days.

What sets you apart from other stock picking services?2016-11-18T12:59:04-06:00

eStockPicks is here to make you successful in the stock market. We strive to keep things simple and transparent.

  • We publish every stock pick on our Stocks and Dashboard page. We don’t hide anything. You can verify our  performance yourself. We strongly encourage you to do it before joining us.
  • We don’t claim our members have made $4000 in a day or had 35% gain in an hour. Instead we provide the tools to help you reach your maximum potential.
  • We are not a chat room service where they say one thing and do something else. Our main focus is on generating high probability unbiased stock alerts for you to trade on your own pace.
Are stock pick alerts available through social media channels?2016-11-18T12:59:04-06:00

Yes, stock pick alerts are posted on social media. Please follow us on these platforms to join the conversation, share knowledge, and get the best stock pick alerts for trading.

Are stock charts available? How do I open stock charts?2018-04-19T08:11:06-05:00

Click on the stock symbol on the Stocks or Dashboard (subscribers only) page to open charts for analysis. Chart links are also included in the Text Message and Email stock pick alerts.

link to open charts
What is a trading plan? How do I create a trading plan? Do you have sample trading plan?2015-09-30T14:48:35-05:00

A trading plan is your rule book that outlines what, when, why, where of trading. You create your rules with detailed trading activities and follow it every single day. You must have a trading plan for successful trading.

Following should be part of your trading plan – customize it to your needs. Read your plan before trading each day.

  1. Start with a positive quote or something that gets you motivated and excited
  2. Daily trading goal
  3. Daily trading strategy
  4. Qualifiers
  5. Time Window Strategy
  6. X-Y-Z goals

Below is a sample trading plan:

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination – Jimmy Dean

Daily trading goal: $150.00 per day

Daily trading strategy: Buying qualified support and selling qualified resistance after strong buying/selling signals are presented by the market. No overnight positions.


  • Price range $10 to $50
  • Volume minimum 1,000,000
  • Swing Trend: Closes above/below swing points

Time window strategy: Two trade per hour on average with the goals of trading for 3 hours per day and hitting or exceeding the daily dollar goal.

X-Y-Z goals:

  • $150 per day
  • $750 per week
  • $3000 per month


To Download Trading Plan Template Click Here.

How do I cancel my subscription?2016-11-18T12:59:04-06:00

You can cancel your subscription anytime in My Account on eStocPicks website or at PayPal. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our services. Follow the steps below to cancel your subscription:

  • Log in to your account and click on the “View” link
My Account View Subscription
  • On the next page click on the “Cancel” link
Subscription Cancel


What is Swing Trading?2015-06-29T08:41:56-05:00

Buying or selling stocks and holding it in your account for a few days or weeks is swing trading. Investing in a stock with short time horizon to catch price movement over some news, earnings or market conditions is swing trading.

More information on swing trading click here.

What is Day Trading?2016-11-18T12:59:04-06:00

In simplest terms, buying and selling a stock the same day is called day trading. The goal is buy or sell a fast moving stock at a certain price and then sell or buy within a few minutes or hours in the same day. Day traders focus on both long and short trades. Traders repeat this process several times in a day on the same stock or different stocks. At the end of the day they close all their positions and start over again the next day.

More information on day trading click here.

What does type “Short” mean in the stock pick alert?2016-11-18T12:59:04-06:00

When you are Short a stock, you are looking for the price to go lower. Example:

  • Sell MSFT at $44.30 on a Short alert
  • Goal is to buy it back at a lower price than $44.30 to make a profit
  • If you buy above $44.30 you have to take a loss

This is opposite of Long trade. You are first selling the stock because you believe it will go lower. Then you buy it back at a lower price to close the trade. Margin account is required at your brokerage for Short trading.

When the market is trending lower, there are more Short trading opportunities.

What does type “Long” mean in the stock pick alert?2016-11-18T12:59:04-06:00

When you are Long a stock, you are looking for the price to go higher. Example:

  • Buy MSFT at $44.30 on a Long alert
  • Goal is to sell at a higher price than $44.30 to make a profit
  • If you sell below $44.30 you have to take a loss

When the market is trending higher, there are more Long trading opportunities.

We are in a Bull market, the stock picks look good. But, what happens during Bear market?2016-11-18T12:59:04-06:00

eStockPicks’ real time stock pick alerts system is built to work in all market conditions – Bull, Bear and Flat. The system generates both Long (buy) and Short (sell) stock pick alerts for trading. So, in the Bear market you might see more Short trading opportunities than Long and vice-verse during Bull market.

Depending on the mark conditions on any given day, the system generates following alerts:

  • both Long and Short
  • only Long
  • only Short

The heuristic algorithm takes into consideration several factors before picking the wining stock for trading.

What is the range in Entry and Exit columns in the stock pick alert table?2016-11-18T12:59:04-06:00

Real time stock pick alerts are distributed to subscribers at a certain stock price. The Entry column displays the suggested price range to buy (Long) or sell (Short) the stock. It’s generally recommended that the stock should be avoided if the price has moved out of the range as the market conditions change every minute. The Exit column displays suggested price range to close the trade.

If the stock picking system is so good, why sell the secrets via subscription?2016-11-18T12:59:05-06:00

Ah, this question surfaces right away when you see subscription services for stock trading system. We know that feeling – been there before ourselves. That’s why we build this robust platform with minimum bells and whistles and focusing just on what’s important for successful trading.

We’ve used this for several years and it’s proven to work. There is enough money to be made in the market, so us providing the subscription services does not impact our ability to continue to use it ourselves. You can combine your trading strategy with our stock pick alerts and create your own unique trades.

Traditionally big brokerage and banks have had this type of services exclusively available to them. We are bringing it to everybody; retail investors and traders, trading clubs, investment groups and more.

Trade well.

I forgot my password. What should I do?2015-04-29T14:23:13-05:00

Click on My Account to open login page. Then click on “Lost your password?” link and enter your email address used during subscription. Instruction will be sent in the email to reset your password.

How do I change my password, email, phone, etc.?2016-11-18T12:59:05-06:00

In My Account you can update existing account information such as your name, password, phone number and email address.

Use the Edit Account tab in the lower left side to update your password. Use the Change Address tab to update your name, email and phone.

What can I do in My Account?2015-05-10T11:16:44-05:00

My Account page manages your subscription, orders and account information. It displays your orders and current subscription. You can put Alerts On-Hold while on vacation or if just don’t want to be disturbed for a few days.

Address, username, login and password can be updated in My Account.

What is Dashboard (subscribers only) page?2016-11-18T12:59:05-06:00

Dashboard page displays real-time alerts for Advanced and Premium subscribers and with some delay for Lite subscribers. It also shows history of alerts for the last 10 days. It’s instantly activated once the checkout process is completed.

You can click on the stock symbol in the table to open charts for further analysis.

What happens when I cancel subscription?2018-11-11T09:24:16-06:00

You can cancel your subscription anytime in My Account on eStocPicks website or at PayPal. Once the subscription is cancelled, you will not be charged again. You will continue to receive Text and/or Email alerts and have access to dashboard until your current subscription expires.

If you would like to continue, just log-in and renew the current subscription or select another subscription level.

About Us2016-11-18T12:59:05-06:00

We have over 20 years of experience in trading stocks, bonds, futures, commodities and forex. We trade the same markets as you everyday with our alert system. With advanced trading platforms, eStockPicks provides solutions to individual traders to learn and trade on their own.

Trading is not only for big banks and hedge funds anymore. We’ve designed eStockPicks system for retail traders passionate about the markets and trading. We built the trading system with years of market research and analysis – fundamental and technical – to help everyone trade with an edge. Our goal is to make you consistently profitable.

Give us a try. We are here to support your trading ambitions. Contact us anytime – we would like to hear your story and successes.

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eStockpicks, respects each individual’s right to privacy. We value our relationship with you, and we take pride in maintaining loyalty and respect with each individual client by providing you with security. The provisions of this notice apply to former customers as well as our current customers.

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