The stock market closed higher across the board today. It traded in the bull territory with S&P closing above 2100 level. We had 9 stock alerts for day trading: 8 longs, 1 short

  • 4 wins: $HUN $HMSY $HPE $WMGI
  • 3 even: $MRVL $SRC $MRC
  • 2 loss: $MDRX $LC

Stock Market closed at: DOW +168, SP +22, NASDAQ +48.

Stock Pick: WMGI Type: Long (buy) Price: $21.68
wmgi stock picking service alert
Stock Pick: HUN Type: Short (sell) Price: $11.90
hun stock picking service alert chart
Stock Pick: HMSY Type: Long (buy) Price: $12.84
hmsy stock market alert chart
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