The U.S. stock market was choppy throughout the day. S&P index bounced around the 10 point range. From the Fed minutes, it seems they are not likely to raise interest rates this year. eStockPicks system had 7 stock picks today for day trading: 6 longs, 2 shorts

  • 1 win: KS
  • 5 evens: LOCO, SEAS, DYAX, PTEN, TER
  • 1 loss: MXL

Stock Market closed at: DOW +34, SP +1, NASDAQ +20. A flat day like this does not provide reliable setups for trading.

Below are some charts with stock picks highlighting the price action.

Stock Pick: SEAS Type: Short (sell) Price: $18.02



Symbol: KS Type: Long (buy) Price: $22.20



Stock Pick: MXL Type: Long (buy) Price: $13.35



Here’s chart of S&P price action in narrow choppy range: