The markets rejoiced FOMC minutes with +1.5% close on major indexes with Nasdaq outperforming. The minutes showed that rate hike next month is very likely. It was a slow day for us. eStockPicks algorithm picked 7 stocks for day trading: 5 longs, 2 shorts

  • 3 wins: $YNDX $PACB $LPI
  • 2 evens: $HTZ $BYD
  • 2 loss: $IRDM $EVER

Stock Market closed at: DOW +248, SP +333, NASDAQ +89. It’s harder to trade on FOMC days with the low volume and erratic price action.


Stock Pick: YNDX Type: Long (buy) Price: $16.84

yndx stock market alert

Stock Pick: PACB Type: Long (buy) Price: $8.34

pacb stock picking service alert