The stock market closed lower on the last day of the year. S&P and DOW closed lower for the year while NASDAQ managed to gain with large tech deals and IPOs. eStockPicks algorithm selected 7 stock for day trading today: 5 long, 2 short

  • 3 wins: $CRMX $UCO $RUSL
  • 2 even: $SQQQ $PWR
  • 2 loss: $VIXY $NRZ

Stock Market closed at: DOW -179, S&P -19, NASDAQ -58. The markets are closed tomorrow.

Happy New Year 2016!

Stock Pick: CMRX Type: Long (buy) Price: $9.09
cmrx stock market alert service
Stock Pick: UCO Type: Long (buy) Price: $12.53
uco stock market alert service
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