DOW and NASDAQ down 3%. Market went in correction mode with big drops 3 days in a row this week. However, for day trading the bigger the move, the more trading opportunities it present. This has been a good day trading week. We had 12 stock pick alerts:

  • 7 Wins: POT, WLL, SE, HAL, WETF, SM, XPO
  • 3 Break Evens: KKR, AAL, DEPO
  • 2 Loss: TERP, CLR

We had Short alerts only today. Below are some charts with stock pick signal highlighted:

Stock Pick: POT Type: Short Price: $25.35



Stock Pick: WLL Type: Short Price: $16.66



Stock Pick: HAL Type: Short Price: $37.01



Reversed right after the stock pick:

Stock Pick: CLR Type: Short Price: $29.75