The U.S. Stock Market closed slightly lower today as the OPEC comments impacted oil prices. Most of the stock traded in a narrow range throughout the day. We had 9 buy stock pick alerts for day trading today.

  • 3 wins: $CLDX $UCO $TRUE
  • 5 evens: $MPEL $NMBL $SPN $HUN $WPX
  • 1 loss:  $MAT

Stock Market closed at: DOW -31, SP -3, NASDAQ -2.

All our break-even trades had some profits, but we considered them as evens as they didn’t get close enough to their target range. With the slower markets like we currently have, sometimes the trades don’t reach their full potential.

Stock Pick: CLDX Type: Long (buy) Price: $17.16

cldx stock picking service alert

Stock Pick: UCO Type: Long (buy) Price: $18.05

uco stock market alert

Stock Pick: TRUE Type: Long (buy) Price: $8.02

true stock picking alert service