Stock market closed higher today with energy and tech stocks performing better. S&P index added 6 points to close at 2100 level. We had 9 stock alerts today for day trading: 7 longs, 2 shorts

  • 4 wins: $HTZ $TGH $ZIOP $ITUB
  • 3 evens: $XRX $LMNX $CSIQ
  • 2 loss: $RNG $FOLD

Stock market closed at: DOW +89, SP +6, NASDAQ +18

Stock Pick: HTZ Type: Short (sell) Price: $18.65
htz stock picking service alert

Stock Pick: TGH Type: Short (sell) Price: $16.71
tgh stock pick sell alert

Stock Pick: ZIOP Type: Long (buy) Price: $12.48
ziop stock picking buy service