The stock market closed lower today with the decline in energy prices. DOW recovered from session lows to close at 17730. We had 8 stock picks for day trading today: 1 long, 7 shorts

  • 5 wins: $WPZ $SE $SXL $NGL $VIXY
  • 2 even: $PAA $BKS
  • 1 loss: $AES

Stock Market closed at: DOW -117, SP -15, NASDAQ -40.

Stock Pick: WPZ Type: Short (sell) Price: $23.17
wpz stock picking service alert
Stock Pick: SE Type: Short (sell) Price: $22.25
se stock piking alert chart
Stock Pick: SXL Type: Short (sell) Price: $23.87
sxl stock market alert
Stock Pick: NGL Type: Short (sell) Price: $11.81
ngl stock market alert