The global markets were down after the Fed decision not to raise interest rates. The U.S. market gaped lower and then moved sideways with the final hour seeing accelerated selling.  There were 10 stock picks for day trading today: 8 longs, 2 shorts

  • 7 Wins: DO, NAV, LHO, TRVN, TTPH, RIO, MOS
  • 3 Evens: X, FITB, MS

Markets closed at: DOW – 292, SP -32, Nasdaq -67

A few charts highlighting stock picks alerts:

Stock Pick: DO Type: Short Price: $21.17



Stock Pick: NAV Type: Short Price: $16.89



Stock Pick: LHO Type: Short Price: $30.21



Stock Pick: RIO Type: Short Price: $35.54



SPY – After gap down open, SPY moved sideways. It’s difficult to trade this type of price action.