Although the monthly non-farm payroll numbers were good, the Market remained in negative territory. DOW was down 130 points  mid-day but recovered some of the loses to close at -60. We had very strong performance with 7 stock picks. Our short stock picks did very well, but long picks on an overall down day stole the show.

  • 5 Wins: OPK, NUAN, TDC, JD, NVDA
  • 1 Break Even: RIG
  • 1 Loss: NOV

A few charts with entry signal highlighted at the time of the stock pick:

Stock Pick: NUAN Type: Long Price: $18.43

nuan stock pick 8715


Stock Pick: OPK Type: Short Price: $13.61

opk stock pick 8715


Stock Pick: NVDA Type: Long Price: $22.75

nvda stock pick 8715


Stock Pick: TDC Type: Short Price: $29.52

tdc stock pick 8715