The stock markets were tricky to trade today. It opened higher but didn’t move too far out. Biotechs were trying to recover but it was an uphill battle for that sector. eStockPicks algorithm had 9 stock pickings for day trading: 5 longs, 4 shorts

  • 3 wins: SQQQ, NEP, ACAS
  • 5 evens: WPZ, HPQ, YNDX, BBVA, ACTG
  • 1 loss: HUN

Markets closed at: DOW +47, SP +2, NASDAQ -27.

Charts with stock market picks. The move in the stocks was measured and limited today.

Stock Pick: SQQQ Type: Sell Price: $27.08



Stock Pick: NEP Type: Sell  Price: $20.62



Stock Pick: HUN Type: Sell Price: $9.27. This stock pick reversed (loss).