A higher open in the morning lost momentum quickly in 30 minutes. The market traded sideways for most of the morning and then dropped steeply in the afternoon session. We had 9 stock picks alert: 5 Long, 4 Shorts

  • 2 Wins: AEM, NBL
  • 3 Break Evens: FCS, JUNO, BEE
  • 4 Loss: CSX, PBI, WLL, DVN

Markets closed at: DOW -239, SP -27, Nasdaq – 55

There were several reversals right after the stock picks that lead to 4 losses. It was difficult day to predict to say the least.

Charts with stock picks entry signal highlighted:

Stock Picks: AEM Type: Short Price: $21.83



Stock Pick: NBL Type: Short Price: $30.28



Stock Pick: WLL Type: Long Price: $19.28 (reversal after entry signal)