The markets closed lower today with Wal-Mart and Boeing weighing down DOW index. S&P and NASDAQ closed lower by less than half a percent. eStockPicks algorithm generated 8 stock picks for day trading today: 2 longs, 6 shorts

  • 5 wins: XON, YNDX, JMEI, FCS, FHN
  • 2 evens: HDS, PPC
  • 1 loss: ADTN

Stock Market closed at: DOW -157, SP -9, NASDAQ -13.

Stock Pick: XON Type: Short (sell) Price: $33.90

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Stock Pick: YNDX Type: Long (buy) Price: $12.90

yndx stock picking service


Stock Pick: JMEI Type: Short (sell) Price: $10.38

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