With the Consumer Price Index report this morning showing very little inflation, rate hike this year seems unlikely. The markets closed higher with NASDAQ adding 1.8% to it’s index.  We had 8 long stock picks for day trading today.

  • 4 wins: $OPK $LABU $AXTA $CTLT
  • 3 evens: $YNDX $VLRS $HA
  • 1 loss: $NVDA

Stock Market closed at: DOW +217, SP +30, NASDAQ +87. Biotech stocks rallied in the afternoon session.

Below are some stock picks with alert signal highlighted.

Stock Pick: OPK Type: Long (buy) Price: $9.34

opk stock market chart


Stock Pick: LABU Type: Long (buy) Price: $16.91

labu stock pick chart


Stock Pick: AXTA Type: Long (buy) Price: $28.03

axta stock pick chart