9 stock pickings for 10/2/15 – markets close on a higher note

Stock market retreated earlier in the session after disappointing employment number. However, markets bounced back quickly. S&P index moved from 1985 to close at 1951. Stock picks algorithm selected 9 stocks for day trading today: 6 longs, 3 shorts

  • 6 wins: SCHW, LPI, WFM, CPE, KIM, CRZO
  • 3 evens: XLF, COG, POM

Stock market closed at: DOW +200, SP +28, NASDAQ +81

Here are some charts with stock picks signal highlighted.

Stock Pick: LPI Type: Long (buy) Price: $10.14



Stock Pick: WFM Type: Long (buy) Price: $32.47



Stock Pick: CPE Type: Long (buy) Price: $8.04



Stock Pick: KIM Type: Long (buy) Price: $24.61



Stock Pick: CRZO Type: Long (buy) Price: $34.01


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