Performance for 8 stock picks on 10/1/15 – stock markets closed flat

It was another day of high volatility. Dow was down 200 point but pulled back to close flat. Neither bulls nor bears could make their case today. eStockPicks algorithm picked 8 stocks for day trading: 5 longs, 3 shorts

  • 3 wins: FEYE, JD, EPD
  • 2 evens: AXLL, SYMC
  • 3 loss: ESPR, HLT, ASNA

Stock Markets closed at: DOW -13, SP +4, NASDAQ +7

Stock Pick: FEYE Type: Long (buy) Price: $32.55. This was also our swing buy alert with target of $34 to $34.50



Stock Pick: EPD Type: Long (buy) Price: $25.80



Stock Pick: JD Type: Short (sell) Price: $26.01



Stock Pick: ESPR Type: Long (buy) Price: $25.70. This was a loss.


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