It was another day of high volatility. Dow was down 200 point but pulled back to close flat. Neither bulls nor bears could make their case today. eStockPicks algorithm picked 8 stocks for day trading: 5 longs, 3 shorts

  • 3 wins: FEYE, JD, EPD
  • 2 evens: AXLL, SYMC
  • 3 loss: ESPR, HLT, ASNA

Stock Markets closed at: DOW -13, SP +4, NASDAQ +7

Stock Pick: FEYE Type: Long (buy) Price: $32.55. This was also our swing buy alert with target of $34 to $34.50



Stock Pick: EPD Type: Long (buy) Price: $25.80



Stock Pick: JD Type: Short (sell) Price: $26.01



Stock Pick: ESPR Type: Long (buy) Price: $25.70. This was a loss.