This holiday shortened trading week was choppy and volatile each day. Indexes closed higher today after going through valleys and peaks i.e. swings in bull and bear territory. eStockPicks algorithm produced 10 stock picks alerts today for day trading: 8 shorts, 2 longs

  • 7 wins: WLL, SLCA, MUR, CLR, ETE, APLE, PAA
  • 3 Break Evens: KMI, NCR, COMM

Market indexes closed higher: DOW +103, SP +9, Nasdaq +26

Charts with stock picks entries highlighted. Are you doing this with your own trades? Make it a habit to chart your trades.

Stock Pick: WLL Type: Short Price: $15.86



Stock Pick: SLCA Type: Short Price: $17.66



Stock Pick: MUR Type: Short Price: $26.54



Stock Pick: CLR Type: Short Price: $27.96