With the disappointing data from overseas and looming fed rake hike, the markets closed lower today. The uncertainty in fed direction is causing market participants to stay out. Stock Picks algorithm generated 6 alerts for day trading: 2 longs, 4 shorts

  • 4 Wins: CHS, YHOO, JBLU, MEG
  • 2 Even: SLW, BOX

Markets closed lower today: DOW -62, SP -8, Nasdaq – 17. The volume was very low again today. On such days when the market does not present clear opportunities, it’s important to make quick price adjustments to stops and profit targets.

Stock picks with entries highlighted at the time of alert:

Stock Pick: CHS Type: Long Price: $16.41



Stock Pick: YHOO Type: Short Price: $30.29



Stock Pick: MEG Type: Short Price: $10.05



Stock Pick: JBLU Type: Long Price: $26.17