The talks of potential ECB stimulus and earnings from U.S companies pushed the stock market higher today. S&P and NASDAQ closed above 1.5%. eStockPicks algorithm generated 8 stock picks for day trading today: 4 longs, 4 shorts

  • 7 wins: $THC $EDC $NEM $VIPS $CCRN $SFUN $RYAM
  • 1 even: $CX

Stock market closed at: DOW +321, SP +34, NASDAQ +80

Below are some stock picks alerts with signals highlighted:

Stock Picks: VIPS Type: Long (buy) Price: $18.88



Stock Pick: CCRN Type: Short (sell) Price: $13.13



Stock Pick: SFUN Type: Long (buy) Price: $7.18



Stock Pick: NEM Type: Long (buy) Price: $18.80


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