The U.S stock market closed higher today after China cut interest rate and better earnings from tech companies. Stocks opened higher and extended gains in the afternoon session. We had 9 stock picks for day trading today: 8 longs, 1 short

  • 3 wins: $HZNP $SHOR $OCUL
  • 5 evens: $LABU $RF $QLGC $ATI $HEWG
  • 1 loss: $MU

Stock Market closed at: DOW +158, SP +23, NASDAQ +112

Here are some of the alerts with entries displayed on the chart:

Stock Pick: HZNP Type: Long (buy) Price: $14.98

hznp stock pickings


Stock Pick: SHOR Type: Long (buy) Price: $9.24

shor stock pickings


Stock Pick: OCUL Type: Short (sell) Price: $8.11

ocul stock pickings


Stock Pick: RF Type: Long (buy) Price: $9.40

rf stock pickings