The markets closed marginally higher in narrow trading range. The Chinese economic report and falling oil price weighted down the US market. We had 7 stock alerts for day trading: 6 longs, 1 short

  • 4 wins: $CEMP $JDST $OPK $KNDI
  • 2 evens: $ZFGN $TDC
  • 1 loss: $SYF

Stock market closed at: DOW +15, SP +1, NASDAQ +19.

Below are a few stock alerts generated by the algorithm.

Stock Pick: JDST Type: Long (buy) Price: $24.01

jdst stock market chart


Stock Pick: OPK Type: Long (buy) Price: $9.91

opk stock market chart


Stock Pick: KNDI Type: Long (buy) Price: $8.67

kndi stock picking alert service