The U.S. stocks traded in a narrow range for most of the session after opening firmly lower. The biotech sector weighed down NASDAQ index. It was a light trading day with low volume. eStockPicks algorithm selected 6 stocks for day trading today: 3 longs, 3 shorts

  • 5 wins: $HBI $COG $DDD $EDU $HZNP
  • 1 even: $EGHT

Stock market closed at: DOW -13, SP -3, NASDAQ -24.

Stock Pick: HBI Type: Short (sell) Price: $27.17

HBI stock picking service alert


Stock Pick: COG Type: Long (buy) Price: $23.51

cog day trading alert


Stock Pick: EDU Type: Long (buy) Price: $24.32

edu day trading alert


Stock Pick: HZNP Type: Short (sell) Price: $15.13

hznp day trading stock pick