The U.S. stock market closed higher today with rebound in energy price. The market started moving higher in the afternoon session after flat open in the morning. We had 9 stock pick alerts for day trading today: 5 longs, 4 shorts

  • 3 wins: $ASNA $LPI $UNTD
  • 5 evens: $ERIC $GGP $AMX $ATML $WWW
  • 1 loss:  $FINL

Stock Market closed at: DOW +238, SP +30, NASDAQ +57. The markets are not offering good trading opportunities for the last couple of days. With the recent low volume and choppy price action, it’s better to stay out or reduce position size.

Stock Pick: ASNA Type: Short (sell) Price: $10.50

asna stock market alert

Stock Pick: LPI Type: Long (buy) Price: $12.33

lpi stock picking service alert

Stock Pick: WWW Type: Short (sell) Price: $17.64

www stock picking service


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